a Community Loyalty system Created specifically for

your business


With Kabinger, local businesses not only stand out, increase traffic, and build loyalty, but they give their customers a way to give back. Using Kabinger tells your users that you care about your community & about their interests.


Watch the video below for a quick explanation of what Kabinger can do for your business.


we promote Your product

And Give Your Shoppers a Way to Give Back to the Community



What we do for you


  • Issue points to shoppers for purchases made at your business.
  • Drive more traffic to your location.
  • Create incentive for shoppers to continue returning.
  • Promote your business across our App, Website, & Social Media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest.
  • Provide opportunities to partner with local charitable organizations.
  • Bill you ONLY for the business we bring to you. There's no charge for impressions, only engagements that result in purchases made.
  • Send you monthly updates to show you exactly what you're getting for your money.
  • Communicate via monthly webinar so you can keep up with new features and milestones as Kabinger continues to grow.

sign up is easy & Free


During our product launch we're waiving the $349 setup fee. That's right, it's FREE to sign up. No up-front cost. No risk. You're only ever billed on business we bring to you, after we deliver. 

Simply put, you only pay when it works.


Get Started Today

  1. Click "Sign Up Now" .
  2. Send us your information and our representative will get back to you asap.
  3. Together we'll discuss the details, agree on a commission rate for the business we deliver to you, and send you our simple agreement - you can cancel any time.
  4. Send us back the signed agreement and some details about your business & in less than 48 hours your promotion is live.


That's it!

Once your business is live on the app you'll simply validate the promotions when shoppers reference the promotion on their phone. It's simple.

Still not sure? 

We'll answer all of your questions