Find deals and promotions for all of your regular purchases. Kabinger Merchants are local businesses who stand out among the crowd and offer you something new and better. We believe that shopping local is better for everyone.


Kabinger Merchants issue points with every purchase & double or triple points with special promotions. With Kabinger, you collect points faster and easier than with any other loyalty point system.


Points from all merchants go into the same bucket. Within 6 weeks of regular shopping you’ll earn enough points to select at least a $20 Gift Card, $20 Donation to a cause you care about, or more!

We Believe in Community Power

We believe that everyone cares about something. We believe that healthy communities create healthy people. We believe that people love to give, and would give more if they could. Imagine a platform which benefits shoppers, local businesses, and local charities equally - a system that keeps the money local, increases sales for local businesses, and gives shoppers the ability to give more to the organizations they care about without spending more.

We invite you to dream with us.

We believe that this product will change the world. Yes, we realize that that's a big statement to make, but it's the truth. We believe a world with strong communities is better than a world without Kabinger. We believe that our platform will increase charitable giving in each community by thousands of dollars per year because it gives you & me a way to give more without spending more.
Product Lead
Jeremy Ramos
Engineering Lead
Eric Johnson
Sales and Marketing Lead
Tom Blair
Operations Lead

Kabinger is for You

Which are you a consumer, merchant, or charity?

What are you waiting for?

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