We Believe in Community


We believe that everyone cares about something. We believe that healthy communities create healthy people. We believe that people love to give, and would give more if they could. 

The problem

In an increasingly globalized world where profits continue to make big corporations bigger and the rich richer, local communities are suffering.

We buy from online and big box stores because it's easier and cheaper while local merchants struggle to keep their doors open. We donate as much as we can to support our local schools and the charities we care about, but wish we could do more. 


Our Solution

Imagine a platform which benefits shoppers, local businesses, and local charities equally - a system that keeps the money local, increases sales for local businesses, and gives shoppers the ability to give more to the organizations they care about without spending more.

We've created a loyalty point system for the local community which benefits shoppers, businesses and charities equally

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