An Entrepreneur Is Born

It was during a long shift at Publix when a young Taylor Hunsberger had an idea - a conceptual seed which would eventually evolve into Kabinger.

On that day, 5 years ago, Taylor was looking to solve Publix's issues with coupon redemption. He brainstormed a concept which would validate coupons at the point of sale. This would solve two issues at once. It would weed out fake coupons and would reduce the time it takes to send physical coupons to redemption farms for validation. Taylor incorporated Appcon Innovations and began the life of an entrepreneur.


A Team is Formed

Taylor brought this idea to his neighbor, Jeremy Ramos, and before long the two were working together to solve the technological issues at play. Jeremy and Taylor also reached out to Eric Johnson, a business veteran with interests in building startups.

With Jeremy's guiding experience in software engineering, the team spent the next few years researching, testing, and validating concepts. When they realized that solving the coupon problem would be a very high cost endeavor, they began to explore niches which would make more sense for their small team.


A New Idea

This is when a new idea struck them. Why isn't there a loyalty point system for supporting local communities? Why can't we collect points from local stores and donate those points as cash to the school Eric's kids attend or the local food bank? 


Is it possible to create a business which balances positive social impact and profitability? 


The idea stuck, and in late 2015 the team began designing the software to build out their vision. After a year and a half of development and testing the app was ready to be released into the wild.

During this time, Jeremy reached out to his former co-worker, Tom Blair, to come on board. Tom's experience with marketing, promotions, & gamification helped put the finishing touches on the new 1.0 version of the app and create design concepts for future iterations.


Where we are now

Today, Kabinger is launching into the Westchase area in North West Tampa and surrounding communities. We have a growing number of local merchants, charitable organizations, and an expanding user base.

We're working hand-in-hand with our Kabinger Partners to create special promotion events. For example, in April we hosted a Kabinger Cares event at Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe. Twenty percent of proceeds that night went to support the Lawyers for Autism Awareness Foundation. The event was a hit and we will continue hosting more events at that location and others across the area.


Ask us how we're changing the world

We believe that this product will change the world. Yes, we realize that that's a big statement to make, but it's the truth. We believe a world with Kabinger is better than a world without Kabinger. We believe that our platform will increase charitable giving in each community by thousands of dollars per year because it gives you & me a way to give more without spending more.

We believe that if there's even the slightest chance that this platform can change lives, then it is our responsibility to follow through with this vision.

We invite you to dream with us.



Meet The Team



Taylor Hunsberger

Appcon Innovations Founder. Business Analytics & Information Systems Management. Enjoys brainstorming new ideas and the Florida sun.


Jeremy Ramos

Priatek VP of Engineering & Former Honeywell Engineer. Engineering & Management Experience. Can lead a logistics & planning meeting like nobody's business. Terrible sense of humor.


Eric Johnson

34+ Years Experience, Business Owner, Marketing, Sales, Training, & Consulting. Likes fast cars, golf, and trips to exotic locations.


Tom Blair

Ex-Priatek Promotions Manager, Product Development & Marketing. Gamification & Promotions Expert. You might find Tom at any of the regular local swing dances, teaching & DJing when he's not working with Kabinger.