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Limited Time Offer

Shop at 4 Great Locations - Get 30% Back!

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Install the Kabinger app

The app is FREE for iOS and Android. Just click the link below to download and install.


Visit a location and validate a purchase on the app

Make a purchase. Upon checkout show the merchant the promotion and have them validate your purchase on your phone.

You'll receive 30% back in Kabinger points from these 4 locations on any and every purchase for a limited time only.

You'll also find dozens of other promotions for local restaurants, dessert shops, salons, entertainment, car repair, and much more. Why leave money sitting on the table? Earn money back on all of your every-day purchases.

Here are just a few of the standard promotions available on the app.




Kabinger Partners

The points you collect can be used for gift cards or to donate to a local school or charity.

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For more information about Kabinger, our Merchants & our Community Partners, please visit