Make America Together Again

America stands divided. At the root of that division are communities of individuals that feel they have been forgotten and discarded.

On one side stand communities ravaged by decades of outsourcing and socio-economic decline. Their jobs exported, their families left hungry and depressed. Communities turning to drugs with growing addiction rates. Communities left helpless and sometimes angry.

On the other side stand communities terrorized by decades of a inner-city violence, and ironically oppressed by a criminal justice system that has evolved, not to protect them, but instead to marginalize their rights. A criminal justice system railroading them into a draconian prison system. A prison system designed not to rehabilitate, but instead to minimize cost, or worst yet to maximize profits.

For some of us we have been fortunate enough to have good paying jobs and live in safe communities. We are the lucking ones, right? We live in our macmansions isolated and sheltered from the violence, yet still electronically connected to everything. We have grown dependent and connected to our high-speed internet. We have grown addicted and trained to be dependent on Facebook and all forms of social media. Our very own self-worth defined by the number of thumbs-up or views we can collect.

We have been studied and trained by Amazon and the retail-establishment to be the Ultimate-Consumer. For some of us we don't even need to leave our homes. As telecommuters we serve through the great-machine, our value defined by the amount and quality of the information we feed into the network, and in return the internet commands UPS to deliver all of our needs or wants neatly packaged directly to our doorstep.

We never have to leave the comfort of our sheltered cocoons. We are evolving into a MATRIX like existence. An existence where we are constantly connected to the machine, the machine that we depend on for our emotional and physical needs. Can you really call that progress?

What America needs are real communities again. Communities that give us a shared visions and common purpose. Communities where people care about each other, and that allow us to connect with and love one another. Communities that give us opportunity to grow and to contribute. Communities that care about the greater good. Communities that nurture the young, the old, and the producers in society. Communities that will bring us together again.

The Kabinger team believes that healthy communities are the engine for healing and progress. We believe that technology does not have to be our enemy, and that a business can be profitable and yet make a positive impact on society. We are building communities that bring people together and provide a foundation for healing and growth.

Kabinger can't solve it all, but we can be part of the solution. What is Kabinger? Kabinger is progress.