Kabinger Keeps Growing

The Kabinger platform continues to pick up speed. This month we've been running a series of promotions, events, Facebook ads, and have been testing out new beacon technology. The results are very exciting. People are loving the app and they keep coming back!

But that's not all. This week we're welcoming a wonderful assortment of businesses to the platform. 

At Kabinger, we sure love our pizza. Welcome to Brickhouse Pizza, making only the finest NY Style Brick Oven Pizza in Tampa.

Remember the VR craze of the 90's? Well, it's back and we actually have the technology now to make it AWESOME. Tampa VR Center wants you to check out the hottest games & get points back. Bring a friend and feel what's it's like to meet a dinosaur or fly a spaceship.

Northern Tire and Auto offer the best deals on new and used 5 star rated tires. They're also there to service any of your tire needs AND give you points back. 

This is a first for Kabinger - and what a great idea. Ashley Vorachack is a realtor with a wonderful idea. She wants to help you sell or find your next home or apartment and give you points back on her commission at closing. Can you imagine all the points! If you need a Realtor you can trust, look no further.

If you'd like to find out how we can help your business increase loyalty and new customers, contact us today @ info@kabinger.com.