Kabinger – The Model Groupon Wants

Groupon is rewriting their story into something very familiar to us. The company many people see as a “daily deal email company” wants to break into the local business space with a model that looks a lot like Kabinger.

An article released yesterday, May 3rd, on emarketer.com details their struggle.

“Groupon is seeking to redefine itself, expanding to become an online marketplace while offering access to local businesses.”

The article continues to explain that they’re looking to engage with working millennials and are exploring reward offers. They’re realizing that the old model doesn’t work

This is validation of our concept and shows that we’re ahead of the curve. Large companies like Groupon will take years to rebrand and work their way into their target demographic, whereas Kabinger has launched and is already growing.

Simply put, we’re the future for companies like Groupon and we’re getting there first. The timing is right for Kabinger.

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