Alpha House of Tampa - The Story of Helping Women

We’re excited to welcome Alpha House of Tampa as our newest community partner.

The Alpha House of Tampa is celebrating 35 years of helping homeless pregnant women and mothers with young children by supplying them safe housing and the tools they need to become self-sufficient, effective, responsible parents.

The story of Alpha House is one of transforming lives and helping women to build a solid future.

This story about “Ally” from their website is a prime example of the positive impact they are having in the community and in the lives of young women.

“Ally,” age 19, is one of 14 children. Her mother died when Ally was 7. Ally’s father threw her out of the house when she became pregnant because she wouldn’t give him her social security check. Ally went to live with her sister where she wassexually assaulted by the sister’s boyfriend.
When Ally arrived at Alpha House, she was quickly enrolled in a range of public benefits, including Medicaid, WIC, financial assistance and food stamps through the agency’s resources as a Department of Children and Families Access Site. Ally had a healthy, full-term 7 lb. 2 oz. baby girl.

Motivated to improve her circumstances, Ally has already passed the GED exam and enrolled in Hillsborough Community College. Ally is working hard with her counselor at Alpha House of Tampa to the address the impact of her mother’s death and the assault and abandonment she has experienced. Exceptionally bright and extremely gifted in math, Ally enjoys reading Black urban fiction and attending church.

When allocating your Kabinger points, please consider the Alpha House of Tampa and the wonderful work they’re doing.