Southern Comfort Auto Repair - Your Comfort First

Auto repair is one of those things we never want to think about. How many times have you taken your car to a shop and felt totally inconvenienced. You're stuck without a ride back to your home or work, the estimates always end up costing more at the end, and you leave only to realize there's a new different problem with your car.

Southern Comfort understands. They're running a different kind of Auto Repair shop - one that looks out for you and the local community by running a business that you can trust. They value your comfort first. That's why comfort is in their name. 

They're family owned and operated since 1994 and specialize in Air Conditional repair, Brakes, and Custom Exhaust among other common repair needs.

Why risk a terrible experience when you could support a local business who puts your needs first.

Try them out, learn more on their website, and make sure to show your Kabinger promotion for points back. They'll add up fast.