Ignite Chiropractic & Wellness

Dr. Raul Serrano grew up constantly in and out of the hospital, always sick and fighting illness. Today, 20 years later, he's healthier than he's ever been. 

He's devoted his professional and personal life to sharing the knowledge of health and healing that helped him turn his life around. He believes in empowering families to fight diseases and build better health.

One thing that really makes his business stand apart is the focus on whole family unity rather than just individual health. In fact, one of the things he loves most about his work is seeing an entire families health transform together.

Ignite Chiropractic actively supports a number of local charities including Spark the Way, the Florida Sherriff Youth Ranch, Ignite Academy, and New LIfe Solutions.

If you're interested in a healthier life for you and your family, we highly recommend Dr. Raul & Ignite Chiropractic. 

Check the Kabinger app for more info about Ignite Chiropractic including deals for points back, their location and website.

Kabinger In The News - WoW Article

Kabinger was recently featured in an article in the World of Westchase magazine. The article mentions that you can support Alonso High School Athletics with your points. You'll also notice many other Tampa schools and charities you can use your points for.

Check out the article in the image below and share the app with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Everyone can earn more without spending more AND give back to schools.

kabinger wow.jpg

Where do you love to shop?

Let's do a little exercise. It'll be fun. I promise.

Imagine the local stores you shop at every week. Think about how much you spend.

Now imagine getting AT LEAST 4% back from each of these stores. Every week. Forever.

...plus special promotions for 30% or 50% back.

Sounds pretty awesome, huh.

Here's the really cool part. You can tell us about your favorite local shops RIGHT NOW in the app.

Just click "Recommend a Sponsor" and send us the information. We'll tell them how much you'd love for them to join Kabinger.

It's always fun to save more without spending more.

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Tanya & Matt's Ice Cream

This week we're featuring a delicious favorite, Tanya & Matt's Ice Cream.

Matt Walsh's story begins with a young couple way back in 1991, starting their first business together. Today they enjoy making people happy through delicious desserts and amazing ice sculptures.


Matt enjoys being a business owner because he get's to be his own boss and do what he feels is right for his business, his customers, and his community. This includes helping to support St. Timothy's Catholic Church. 

If you're in the Carrollwood area and looking for a delicious treat, swing by Tanya & Matt's and tell them Kabinger sent you. You'll get 4% back every day or more during their special promotions.

Download the Kabinger App for FREE here: https://goo.gl/csuHjx


Xtreme Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Jennifer Meguiar-Huntsinger, Co-Owner at Xtreme Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing, wasn't always into cleaning outdoor surfaces. She started her career as an insurance agent, but her journey wouldn't end there. As the insurance industry changed she found herself searching for something better.

She and her partner Brian, previously a Tile mechanic, decided to start a new business because she believed they could bring something new to the world of window cleaning and pressure washing - a higher quality of work.

xtreme 600.png

They care about what they do and providing the best service possible by treating customer's property like their own.

When asked about what she loves about her work, she answered that she absolute loves "meeting new people." For her, this isn't just another job. It's about meeting others and really making a difference.

Beyond providing quality service, Xtreme Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing is also involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and The American Cancer Society (both charities you can donate to in the Kabinger app.) 

They also offer alumni discounts to customers who went to Plant High and Hillsborough High, where they each previously attended.


As a stand-up, high quality local business that cares about others and their community, we highly recommend Xtreme.

Currently NEW CUSTOMERS can get 8% back, and returning customers get 4% back, on any of their services using the Kabinger App. Consider using those points to donate to one of the charities they support or a school of your choice.

Visit their website for more details about their services or contact them directly by calling (813) 410-0643.

Download Kabinger for FREE to view their deals & more information.

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Lee Elementary Relief Fund

Everyone knows that Hurricanes bring wind and water, but one of the unexpected results of Irma's visit to Tampa was a fire that broke out at Lee Elementary School. Much of the school was burned and students will be relocated to another location.

Situations like this are at the core of why we created Kabinger. The community, our community, needs us. The students and school employees need their school back, and we can all help by using our points to donate.

Look for this new tile in the Pay It Forward section of the app and please consider Lee Elementary when sending in your next donation. 

lee 600.png