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Get $5 FREE

Every Time you Sign Up a Friend

Invite all of your friends. Each time someone you invite installs the app and validates their first purchase YOU both get $5 in points. You'll earn 50 points for EVERY FRIEND you get to use the app & they'll earn 50 points for their first validation.

I couldn't be easier and everybody wins!


Share the FREE Kabinger app

Click "Invite a Friend" and enter your friend's email address. 

They'll receive an email to download the app.

When they sign up on the app they should use the same email address you entered in order for us to make sure you get credit.

Want to make sure you get your free $5? Follow up with a phone call or text to make sure they understand what to do.

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They Validate any Purchase


They only need to validate a single purchase from any of our promotions and both of you will get your $5 in free points.

Here are just a few of the live promotions:



Get your Kabinger Rewards

After a short processing time, your free 50 points will be added to your accounts. Collect enough points and choose from a selection of gift cards...


...or donate to a local cause.

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